Sleeping positions explained and best sleeping position recommended

Sleeping positions explained and best sleeping position recommended

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The position you chose to sleep in reveals a lot about yourself, but how much do you know about sleeping positions, and which is the best? 

We have all the answers for you below. Have a look at our explanation of different sleeping positions and see what each position means, and how it affects your body. But out of all the positions we will discuss, which is the best one? According to sleep experts, the best position to sleep in is on your side. So, if you want the most comfortable and undisturbed sleep of your life, give your side a go! Either one works just as well. 

Position 1. The Fetal position

This sleep position is considered to be the most common, and for good reason. The fetal position evokes a sense of comfort by transporting us to the position we slept in as infants. Interestingly, this is a more common position for women to sleep in (54%) than it is for men (39%).

Position 2.  The Freefall position 

To best imagine this position, think exactly as the name suggests–free-falling! Laying flat on your stomach, with your head positioned to either side and your arms underneath your pillow. If this didn’t sound like an appealing position to you, don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, the free fall position was voted the worst sleeping position, according to Americans. What’s worse is, sleeping in this position can cause neck and lower back pain. As a result, you will be tossing and turning restlessly all night. I think it is safe to say the free-falling position shouldn’t be your go-to. 

Position 3. The Yearner position

If you want an easy and comfortable position you can rely on, try the yearner! Simply place both of your arms in front of your body while laying on your side. Extra fact: this position is most common within the Baby Boomer generation. 

Position 4. The Soldier position 

This position consists of laying on your back with your arms close to your body. If you are a soldier sleeper, it is highly likely that you do not change your position during your sleep–you are as still as a soldier!

Position 5. The Starfish position 

Once again, this position looks exactly as it sounds. Lay on your back with your arms up near your head, and you are a starfish! It has also been found that starfish sleepers have an increased chance of sleepwalking. 

Position 6. The Log position 

This position is the least popular one of the 6 we have discussed thus far. Perhaps because the position is stiff, just like the log it is named after. To try this position, place both arms down on your side and snooze away. 

Now that you have learned all about the 6 most popular sleep positions, which sleeper are you? 




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