Benefits of Using a Mattress Topper

Benefits of Using a Mattress Topper

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Your mattress is an investment for your health and comfort, and adding customizable accessories such as mattress toppers allows you to transform your bed and achieve your best sleep. With tons of different options and styles of mattress toppers, there is something for everyone to elevate their sleep experience. However, before you invest in a mattress topper, it is essential to understand its benefits and the different types of toppers available to choose the one that best supports your needs. 

But first, what is a mattress topper? Mattress toppers are an extension of your mattress. It is a thin layer of cushion material placed on top of a mattress to customize its feel. The topper acts as an additional layer of comfort and support, as it can alter the feel of your mattress to be more firm or soft. 

Most commonly,  there are six types of mattress toppers. Browse our six definitions of each to find your perfect fit! 

  1. Fitted: This topper features an elastic material around the edges to securely fit over your mattress to ensure the topper stays in place. Additionally, the top features a soft, thick, quilted material to maximize your comfort. 
  2. Anchor: This style is an affordable alternative to the “fitted” style, and it features sidewalls that expand to fit over any mattress size. 
  3. Memory Foam: As the name suggests, this topper features a cushion-like foam to go on top of your mattress for increased softness and comfort. 
  4. Egg Crate: This style provides the same softness and comfort as memory foam and is a more budget-friendly option.
  5. Down: The feathers within this topper help create the ultimate comfortable sleeping experience through their soft, fluffy design.
  6. Materials: This style is the most versatile as it features toppers made from various materials including, silk, cotton, wool, foam, and many more!

Once you have found your perfect fit, the ultimate benefit of your new mattress accessory is the uniquely tailored satisfaction and comfort it will bring you. With various options to better support the contours of your body, relieve pressure, regulate body temperature, provide plush comfort, and increase air circulation as you sleep, the options are endless. Mattress toppers are designed to accommodate your unique needs and help you achieve the most comfortable sleep. Elevate your sleep today with your perfect mattress topper and experience the difference!


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