Bedtime snacks to increase sleep!

Bedtime snacks to increase sleep!

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We’ve all been there. You have already had dinner, and it should be bedtime, but you’re still hungry and craving a little snack before bed. So, what are your best options? Fixing yourself another plate of the dinner you just had 2 hours ago? Nope, let’s try again with this list of snacks that are perfect for bedtime and can help promote better sleep!

But first, what is it about these foods that can help you sleep easier? They are all packed with amino acids (serotonin and tryptophan) and melatonin to provide your body with the natural combo it needs to sleep well. 

So, take note of these foods to add to your grocery list and sit back, relax, and get ready to sleep! 

  • Bananas: Not only are they a quick, healthy, delicious snack, because of the high percentage of potassium they contain, but they also calm your nerves and relax your muscles for when it is time for bed. Overall, making it easier for you to fall asleep. Try it yourself and enjoy a blissful sleep!

  • A few Almonds: You may be wondering why just a few? That’s because these tiny yet addicting nuts are calorie-dense, and it can be easy to get carried away while snacking on them. Before you know it, half of the bag is gone! So, if you like to be cautious of calorie consumption, this is just a heads-up for you. But that doesn’t mean a couple of almonds can’t be taken at night to help you sleep! Eating them will naturally release melatonin into your body. 

  • Hummus: This one may seem a little strange, but it’s the chickpeas used to make the hummus that is the key ingredient to a night of restful sleep, or should we say it is the vitamins and amino acids! Don’t believe us? Grab your choice of veggie, dip and enjoy, and feel the difference for yourself!

  • Dairy: Turns out mama does know best, and a glass of warm milk sounds pretty good right about now! The amino acid L-tryptophan found in milk is another natural sleep inducer. Want to make sure you’ll be feeling sleepy right after your snack? Pair your milk with starchy foods. Cereal and milk are not only the perfect pair taste-wise, but they make a great team when trying to get you to fall asleep! So, cereal doesn’t have to be breakfast food after all. 

  • Out of these 4 bedtime snacks, which is your favourite? 

    Use our guide to help you make the right choices before bed and happy dreaming!


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